Gluten-free Yo-Nuts™. Custom-crafted Donuts. Sweet and savory.

Choose gluten-free organic Yo-Nuts™ with exotic fruit and herb-infused dipping sauces or custom-crafted donut sandwiches. All made-to-order and healthier with organic fresh fruits and herbs, cooked in coconut oil.
Donuts gone wild.

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Gluten-free donut holes made from organic Greek yogurt

Farm Tables Mexicali Themed

Custom-crafted Donuts

Made-to-order donuts, overflowing with sweet and savory fillings

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Exotic Sauces

House-made with organic fruits, infused with herbs

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Over 100 combinations from Chunky Funky Monkey to Jam’n with Brie


Why re-invent the donut?

Why not? We LOVE donuts! But traditional donuts are not so healthy, have few if any nutrients and an uber high ratio of calories to air. A fun foodie problem to solve. With 40+ years of food and catering behind us, we launched the gluten-free donut challenge. Our goal: to create a healthier, gluten-free donut without compromising what we love about donuts! It took 2 years to perfect the recipe and viola – the gluten-free Yo-Nut™ was born. We also challenged the status quo with made-to-order donut sandwiches both savory and sweet. Now we’re thrilled to take the show on the road. We invite you to try our gluten-free Yo-Nuts and the daily made-to-order specials. What’s your favorite donut gone wild? Let us know. We may even put your name on it and treat you to donuts all year.

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1 These gluten-free donuts are the BOMB! The best I’ve ever tasted. I want my wedding cake made of Yo-Nuts donuts!1


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Design your own gluten-free Yo-Nuts™ and custom-crafted donuts – a treat your guests will remember long after the event.
From Wholly Cannoli and Espresso Yourself to Acacia Berry, Chicken Curry and more.

Corporate Event

A new twist for the company party. Give ‘em gluten-free donuts with house-made dipping sauces they won’t soon forget.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Time to celebrate. Made-to-order donuts in flavors that will wow kids of all ages like you’ve never seen before.  


As individual as you are. Our gluten-free or organically-inspired donuts with your favorite flavors will be a dessert to remember.


Stand out. Delight even those who are not gluten-sensitive with gluten-free Yo-Nuts™ and exotic sauces screaming with flavor.  


Got an idea for a donut gone wild? Share it and we could treat you to donuts all year.
Want to book a one-of-a-kind event? Reach out and we’ll get right back to you.

Donut emergency? Call us at 866-DONUTS-8 (866-366-8878) or